Nesch Mintech Tanzania Limited is a privately-owned company set up to cover the gap that has been existing in the mining sector where credibility and integrity of mineral test results has created a major challenge in investment decision making for the mining industry. It is our conviction that we have taken Tanzania and East Africa to international levels by being assessed and successfully accredited by the SADCAS on an ISO/IEC17025:2005-Minerals which demonstrate that we are technically proficient and able to produce precise and accurate test and analysis of minerals.


Nesch Mintec uses the strategic management process to deliver our services. This involves the generation and application of unique mineral processing insights and opportunities so as to create competitive advantages for the client. Thus our services are executed with strategic thinking to create more value by enabling a proactive dialogue for all critical and complex mineral processing and extractive metallurgical issues. Nesch Mintec Tanzania limited comes as a relief in the highly competitive and fast changing mining industry. The team has the ability to balance their tremendous amount of creativity with a sense of realism and honesty about what is achievable in the longer term. This ability to balance does not deter them in their thinking.


Challenges in the mining industry are always changing, so you’re looking for the solutions that increase your agility, efficiency, and productivity—all while never losing site of the results. Nesch Mintec Tanzania Limited brings together an unrivaled offering of services and technologies for analytical scientists, diagnostics researchers, process engineers, and countless mineral processing and extractive processes, to help you get the results you need…today and in the future. We are proud to provide you services based on top class technologies such as the ICP, AAS and UV-VIS machines.


When your work requires specialized, reliable, high-quality solutions, count on our staff of experts to help ensure the best workflow options for your mineral processing goals. Our wide range of service capabilities leverages a diverse portfolio of quality and consistency built by the most internationally recognized ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation. Nesch Mintec guarantees quality through company wide effort to continuously improve the ways people, machines, and systems accomplish work. Methods and processes designed to meet the needs of customer. Every employee receives training in quality and errors are prevented from occurring rather than being detected and corrected. Discover the difference Nesch Mintec can make for your mineral Processing project.


Nesch Mintec has innovative experience that help you leave behind orthodoxies and outdated beliefs by redirecting your vision and focus on what is possible, the power of a new idea and the value you can bring in the choices you can make based on the metallurgical tests we offer. We craft a view of the change ahead and an understanding of the critical success factors that ensure profitability and safeguard your investment in the mineral industry. We help the public sector organizations and mining stakeholders in East Africa to modernize the mining process through scientific innovation. Our team of highly experienced professionals help mining prospective investors around the world achieve breakthroughs.



Nesch Mintec Pvt Ltd provides you with a multitude of services at the highest quality available. With our high strive for excellence associated with highly experienced personnel, we provide you with the best mineral processing and attractive metallurgy services.


Nesch Mintech offers the following Laboratory Services: Sample Submission, Preparation and Storage, Geological Sample Preparation, Aqua Regia/Wet Acid Digestion, Fire assay, Cyanide leach tests (Bottle roll, vat, agitation and column), Carbon Activity, Carbon Ashing, Water and environmental soil testing


Nesch Mintec Provide on-site analytical assay laboratory that specializes in geochemical, environmental and mineral assaying and characterization. Analytical services for our metallurgical test-work programmes are defined by high volume fast turn-around analytical services for our large metallurgical pilot plant trials, method


It is the commitment of Nesch Mintec to provide the following spectrum of quality services: Analytical Services, Geochemical analyses of minerals, metals and energy resources ( gold, silver, chrome, PGMs, coal, iron ores, base metals, etc) , Fire assaying of precious metals with ICP or AAS finish, Design of sampling procedures.


The successful evaluation and development of an ore body calls for the integrated input of many disciplines – including geology, mining engineering, process engineering, environmental sciences, marketing and finance. The work often starts during the exploration phase with extensive sampling programmes, primarily designed to evaluate the


Nesch Mintech proven has comprehensive expertise and technology to design the process plant for your mine. We have the proven experience and technology to provide you with a process design that defines the optimum layout, operating activities and equipment requirements on-time and on-budget. Nesch Mintec experts have extensive experience


At Nesch Mintech we have ten (10) gold elution machines. Three of them are high pressure machines and the rest are low pressure machines. High pressure machines operate for 24 hours while the low pressure machines operate for 48 hours. The choice of which type of machine depends on


Our proven and responsive supply chain is end-to-end, from laboratory testing right through to on-site monitoring and training. Nesch Mintec alliances with leading Afriglobal Commodities and Prodot Trading provide high-quality products and continuity of supply. We understand the need for safe and secure supply of key mineral processing reagents on-site


Nesch Mintec provide management of objective advice and assistance relating to the strategy, structure, management and operations of an organisation in pursuit of its long-term purposes and objectives. Such assistance may include the identification of options with recommendations and the provision of an additional resource and/or the


Above all else, helping our partners do more is about helping their customers do more. Sometimes this means aligning our vision with those of the businesses we work with. Ultimately it’s about venturing beyond exclusive partnerships to create something out of this world.


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